Sunday, 19 October 2014

OOTD - Ps i'm still alive. ♥

Hi strangers. I know I know I haven't posted in forever, but A2 is very time consuming! (Okay enough excuses) I recently went to London for my 18th birthday and of course I had to go vintage shopping in Brick Lane. I found this gorgeous shirt for, you won't believe it, £3!! I also got these beaut vintage Levi's for £10.


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Shirt and Jeans - Vintage
Boots - H&M

Sunday, 20 July 2014


Hello everyone! Today I thought I'd share with you one of my go-to summer outfits including this amazing vintage jumpsuit I got from Beyond Retro! With this jumpsuit I wore my Topshop crop top and my extremely worn out Keds (can't bare to throw them away!)

Hype on lookbook!


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Saturday, 14 June 2014

Vintage new buys!♥

Hello my lovelies! So a while ago I posted about my trip to Worcester Vintage Fair and I bought lots of lovely clothes, so today I wanted to share an outfit post as it feels like forever since I've done one! I bought the sunglasses from river island recently as they look so vintage but still quite modern, the vest top and belt are from primark, the shoes are from newlook, the beautiful midi skirt is handmade vintage from the fair, and the bag is also from the vintage fair!


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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

My Summer Beauty Essentials.♥

Hello everyone! It's can be quite daunting thinking about how fast summer is approaching, especially with the thought of wearing a bikini! However, a lot of people change their skincare and makeup regimes for summer, and there are also a lot of beauty products that I personally feel are must haves for this time of year (even if it doesn't seem like summer in England!).
All the products I purchased were from Superdrug, Avon, boots and home bargains.


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(Shades - sheer love, limoncello, creme brulee)
I love Avon, all their products are good quality and inexpensive,
I especially love their nail varnishes because their shelf life is 
so long, compared to other brands like Rimmel and 17.

Simple is such a good skincare brand and I can always rely on them,
I thought it would be good to get some oil balancing wipes
as my skin tends to be more on that side in the hot weather.
Don't forget to moisturise - even if your skin is oily!

Okay this stuff is my new summer fave, as many of you know I'm 
extremely pale, and in summer its nice to have a bit of a tan. I tried this for the 
first time and just used it like a regular moisturiser, it gave me such a natural looking 
tan with no streaks! Compared to Garnier's gradual tan which makes
 me look so orange and streaky!

If you're looking for cheap but good quality facemasks, home bargains
is the place to go, these face masks were 79p each!! They left my skin 
super soft and hydrated, which is an essential if you spend a bit 
too long in the sun.

I love this shampoo so much, its so cheap and smells incredible!
Also, I have thin hair and it tends to be extremely flat and gets greasy
easily, but this shampoo actually is 'uplifting'.

I'm pretty sure every girl owns at least one of these! They are an
essential for all times of the year, but especially in the hot 
weather, our hair can get a little greasy, and this stuff is
the perfect pick me up (for hair)!

Who wants to carry expensive, heavy and fragile perfumes around
with them, especially in hot weather? Boots' Natural Collection
Mango and Papaya Body Spray smells like fruity heaven
and costs next to nothing.

Even in summer, we should still not neglect our hands, we use
our hands everyday and they need a little moisture. If like
me, you hate moisturising your hands in the day and having
sticky hands, apply it at night before you go to bed,
that way it also absorbs better!
(ps. this hand cream smells so good)

Although I have not tried the famous Bioderma H2O Micelle Solution,
I think Garnier's version is very comparable, but for a fraction
of the price! I'm a lazy makeup remover and am a big fan of makeup 
wipes, but my opinion has changed after using this makeup remover, 
it literally gets all my makeup off, and doesn't leave my eyes

We definitely need to sneak in a little SPF into our summer makeup
routine. This BB Cream has SPF 15 and is a lot lighter on the skin than
foundation, Kiko's Sunscreen Gloss is amazing, it has a gorg
colour and is SPF 20 which is very important because a lot
of people forget to protect their lips. Also to keep your makeup
from sliding off in the hot weather, I'd highly suggest a primer,
this Baby Skin one by Maybelline is amazing and MAC's
Fix + keeps makeup on all day.

As you all know, from the makeup I've suggested, protection is the
biggest priority in summer. Our skin is so delicate but so is our hair, 
so on a hot day before going out, even if you're not using any heat tools
 just quickly spray some heat protection onto your hair!

What are your summer essentials?

Monday, 26 May 2014

Homecoming outfit ideas.♥

Hello everyone! So for some people, Homecoming is on the horizon and the just thinking about what dress, shoes, makeup and hair is enough to drive any girl insane! For others we don't have homecoming, but there are other occasions these dresses could be worn to.

Although I've never been to a Homecoming dance (we don't have it in the uk!) 
I've realised that a lot of the dresses are shorter and less formal, 
so here's some ideas I came up with from!

Here are some useful links to more of Homecoming dresses and shoes!


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Lavender is the colour of romance and femininity, and the bows on these two dresses add an extra touch of prettiness as well and make the waist look smaller!

                                                                                SUPPLIES New Fashion Concise Solid Colour PU Platform Sandals   Platform Sandals

These shoes are super cute and would look amazing with these

For a more simple look that also looks stunning on anyone, 
I'd suggest a white dress like these too! SUPPLIES Fashion Real Leather Hollow Out High Heel Sandals   Platform Sandals

                                                                     SUPPLIES New Fashion Concise Solid Colour PU Platform Sandals   Platform Sandals

Black shoes would go very well with these dresses!


Bright coloured dresses are definitely a way to grab attention and stand out, as well as the decorated jewels on these dresses. SUPPLIES OL Style Elegant Stiletto Heels  Peep Toe Lace-up Sandal With Metal Chains  Platform Sandals SUPPLIES 2014 New Fashion Peep-Toe Platform High Heel Summer  Sandals   Platform Sandals